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Post  Ezikeel on Sun Feb 19, 2012 7:10 am

Welcome to AnteMatter. I'm your friendly neighborhood admin, Ezikeel, also known as Zeke. These forums are for use in whatever way you'd like to use them, but there a few very simple rules I'd like to cover before you start roleplaying with us.

1) First and foremost, make sure that your roleplays are posted in the appropriate location. If the story in question involves any character from an existing work of fiction, or a fancharacter that exists within a fiction series' universe, it belongs in the Fandom section. If you foresee a particular roleplay taking a turn toward erotic themes or gruesome violence, go ahead and start it in the Rated M section; if a roleplay turns M+ at a later time, let me know and I will see that the topic is moved to the appropriate location.

2) When starting a new roleplay, please post bios for all involved characters. There are no set parameters for writing a character bio, but be sure to provide enough information to allow your roleplaying partner to interact with your character to the fullest extent.

3) You can contact any forum user via PM to ask to start a new roleplay, that way plot ideas and character interactions can be fleshed out in advance. If you wish to join in an already existing roleplay, be sure to contact all involved parties before posting in the thread, as it is quite rude to hijack someone's personal roleplays; also make sure that everyone involved agrees to your joining, even if one person has already told you that it's okay. ((THISLOSERHERE will roleplay just about anything with just about anyone, and she's very friendly. I will also roleplay just about anything with just about anyone, but be forewarned that I am very lazy and forgetful, and I tend to favor the roleplays that I am most interested in, rather than replying to all threads equally as I probably should. Hey, at least I'm honest.))

4) I am not your personal mediator. If you have a concern about the specific mechanics, usage, and running of this forum, I would be more than happy to address it, but I will not assist you with personal squabbles with other users (unless these personal squabbles fall under the realm of the above mentioned topics). I don't care who you are, what our relationship is, or what the problem is, I will not be getting involved in your interpersonal troubles. The only exception to this is if you can provide me with proof of deliberate trolling or cyber-bullying, as those are things which will not be tolerated here.

5) Lastly, do try to be literate. There are no post length requirements here, but at least a paragraph would be greatly appreciated by your roleplaying partner, I assure you. No one likes it when they're hindered from posting by overly short or vague posts that give them nothing to work with. Perfect spelling is not a requirement either, but you do have spellcheck for a reason.

Besides those simple rules, I only ask that you try to be civil with one another. Thank you for taking the time to give these a once-over, and I look forward to roleplaying with you in the near future!


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