Thrills (Zombieland)

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Thrills (Zombieland) Empty Thrills (Zombieland)

Post  Ezikeel on Sat Feb 14, 2015 2:46 pm

He was visiting family in Tennessee when it started. He'd always thought it was a stupid idea for them to move to the heart of the racist American south, and after everything he'd been through, he felt pretty vindicated in that opinion. He also felt pretty lost and alone, after he got split up from his family and was stranded in the middle of fucking nowhere with no reliable way to defend himself about the goddamn zombie apocalypse. Suffice it to say, he was not happy.

All he wanted was to get home, to Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. And that was a long-assed way to walk.

He was a hunting hobbyist, and knew his way pretty well around in the woods, so he stayed mostly off the beaten path, thinking he'd run into less of the living dead out there where no person in their right mind would want to be. There were still the occasional few who had mindlessly wandered into the wilderness, of course, but zombies were pretty easy to take care of in isolated little pods like that. It certainly got lonely out there, with no other (living) humans, so, sometimes, if he ran upon a highway, he'd follow it through to the next city along its route, just to see if he could find some company to travel with for a bit, even if it took him a couple days out of his way. That's how he wound up in Jefferson City, Missouri. Because Missouri loves company.

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